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Grand Prix Manager
By Silicon Joy
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #36

Grand Prix Manager

Grand Prix Manager heralds the return of the Toms, following a long silence after the incredibly successful Football Manager. Not that author Kevin Toms has written the sequel, Grand Prix Manager, but the game has been published by his company and is firmly based on the blend of menu-based decisions and highlights of the action which made the previous game a Spectrum classic.

Unfortunately, the simulation of life as manager of a Formula One team is far less impressive.

You must choose a driver from a short list while keeping in close contact with the sponsors. Decisions regarding the race depend on the percentage of straights and bends, weather conditions and temperature. You can decide on your tyres, their hardness and tread depth, and set the elevation of the car's spoiler.

Then you sit back and watch user-defined graphics stay motionless in the centre of the screen while other user-defined graphics whizz past them.

Written in Basic with occasional POKEs of the crazy border variety, it is a dud effort if ever there was one.

Chris Bourne

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