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Fruity Frank
By Kuma Computers
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

Acrobatics antics are paramount to avoid and destroy an apparently infinite supply of nasties on the prowl in your fruit garden.

After protecting one garden, you go on to the next, more difficult one, with even nastier nasties.

Excellent use of Amstrad's colourful graphics and elaborate sound commands make this game compelling to play and frustrating to finish. An enormous amount of screen activity retains an eye-catching display throughout the many pages.

Fruity Frank

Nasties are caught by Fruity Frank, crushed by an apple being dropped onto them, or, as a last resort, a ball can be thrown at them. All of this has to be accomplished whilst you avoid the Plum and Strawberry monsters dropping on you without prior warning.

Instructions are graphically displayed to a now familiar format. Either joystick or keyboard is used to control Fruity Frank.

When good enough, the results of your efforts are recorded in the Hall of Fame. Score and hi-score features are shown at the top of the screen throughout the game.

Another superb program from Kuma Computers, who really have set an industry standard for quality software.


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