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Steve Davis Snooker
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #129

Further emphasising the excellence synonymous with the name on the game, this superb implementation is uncannily close to the real thing.

The challenge to improve your performance at the table becomes overpowering as your full sized problems are reflected on the small screen.

Having neither cue to chalk nor chalk to loose, setting a small black cursor cross determines all the angles.

Steve Davis Snooker

Speedy movement and fine control are both incorporated as the cursor has a two speed gear-box. Allied to this is the automatic return to the blue ball position at the centre of the table, giving the shortest distance across the cloth to any position required.

A wide-ranging linear display at the bottom of the screen sets up the power of the shot from genteel to pleasemy-ball-back. Strength is set to half-power before each players turn.

The third parameter controls the spin on the cue ball. Displayed at the bottom of the screen as a large white circle representing the cue ball, on which the spin cursor, another cross-sight is positioned.

This facility enables back spin, top or bottom to be applied to the cue ball with devastating effect upon a lesser opponent.

A one player game allows for all those hours of practice that Steve has done and you have been promising yourself. Shots can be reset and played again - a very helpful facility.


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