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Home Computing Weekly

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #118

This fast-moving multi-screen graphic adventure throws you in the midst of a gargantuan nightmare.

Your phrenetic trip continues until you fwd the alarm clock and set it to wake you up.

Starting with a demo routine that gives some indication of the mindbending hazards ahead, the game incorporates a multitude of screens, all obviously the result of considerable artwork.


As a Wally, you control the movements either with a joystick or through the keyboard.

A careful eye must be kept on the amount of energy remaining in the snooze time. This is depicted as a rapidly diminishing glass of milk.

Everything in this nocturnal fantasy is larger than life and positioned without rhyme or reason. Don't be surprised to find a spaceship at the bottom of the staircase!


Overcoming the various hazards can only be achieved if you are carrying the right articles at the right time.

In true adventure tradition the objects collected must be dropped and swapped until you are tooled up in the right configuration.

Colliding with certain antiwally mobiles saps your energy. You can only restore it by finding the assortment of food rneagrely scattered throughout.


After three snooze times the game ends with a very personal message, followed by a percentage mark indicating how far you've travelled.

A difficult game to win, but extremely challenging with good graphics and sound, perpetually maintaining an interesting screen image.

Not particularly good value for money, but then Amsoft's price policy seems to be stuck in a rut.


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