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By SimonSoft
BBC Model A & B

Published in A&B Computing 1.05


This extensive utility program should give some enjoyable sessions to the patient enthusiasts.

The main program comes on a cassette with full user instructions in a separate program, "Help", found on the reverse side.

The program is operated by a set of commands controlled by the function keys. Once a program has been disassembled, the source code can be examined and probed at will.

Some of the very basic options available on the disassembled source are:

Mode Choice - this controls the interpretation of the source code and data; in the AUTO mode, branches and data will be labelled; and a MAP of the code and data will be generated.

List - A full listing of the program of any specified block of memory can be obtained onto either the screen, printer or tape. The latter option generates a Basic program format, thus enabling the user to incorporate certain routines into his own programs; a very useful feature.

Label - back and forward branches; indirect and absolute jumps; and subroutines will be appropriate labelled.

Map - This gives a representation of which areas of memory contain data and which contain code. This can also be used to insert defined codeblocks or datablocks.

There are many more minor options and commands available: any outstanding points can be cleared by telephoning Simonsoft.

This is a very powerful 6502 disassembler which enables the user to manipulate machine code and Assembly source code in a most flexible way. The instructions are occasionally slightly vague but are generally very thorough. Also error messages produced whilst carrying out a procedure are a little confusing.

Overall, the impression is that this is a high-quality utility of great use to a wide range of users which I recommend as a good example of this type of program.

Dave Reeder

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