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The Kingdom Of Klein
By Epic
Acorn Electron

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

This is number three in Epic's new adventure series and it also runs on the Electron. Disc users will also be glad to know that, as the program is only 25K, it can be loaded from disc! The idea of the game is to find the Magic Klein bottle, which has been stolen from its pedestal in the king's castle by the "wicked witch of the mountain". She swore that anyone (this means you!) who was foolish enough to recover it would be cursed forever. Basically, she's got to go. Once she is destroyed, you are relatively free to finish the adventure.

The loading consists of three parts, the title, the instructions (pretty good) and the &60 blocks of program code.

You begin in the palace. You can see the pedestal in one corner; it is empty. After a short wander, you may find stables and a needle. Not all objects appear to be useful at first. There is a bible, a safe not too far away, and a little hut by a lake.

Having crossed the lake, you will find a mountain and a dangerous pile of rocks and... well, play it yourself.

If you wish to cheat, look at the ASCII values from &2C80 to &2D30. Yes, well...

Dave ReederPhilip Tayler

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