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The Peter Scott Trilogy
By Top Ten
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.10

The Peter Scott Trilogy

No, nobody can accuse me of not liking Peter Scott's games - they've had enough space in this column for that. I enjoy his scheming mind with its penchant for puzzles, I love his large chunky graphics and I especially relish the humour that fills them.

However, this may just be too much of a good thing. Top Ten is a new software house formed by Martin Maynard (ex-ASL) and in his initial trawl for releases has bought up three early games from Peter (signed to ASL). They are all excellent, they could all sell quite comfortably at full price but they are so obviously early working versions of the ideas that led to a run of successful games for Audiogenic that the combined effect is that this reviewer is completely confused about which game he's been playing!

Hence this combined review. All the familiar Scott details are here - Network, for example, was originally going to be a sequel to Hunkidory, another early unreleased game that has just been offered at budget prices by Bug-Byte. The games are all fun, all well coded, all excellent value and all worth your attention.

Obviously no blame attaches to Peter for the block releases but, sadly, the effect is to create a Peter Scott overkill, which is a great shame for a programmer of his talent. Spread out over a year these would all have scored better marks - together they are just too similar to distinguish.

If you loved Hunkidory or Last Of The Free, then you can buy these with confidence. However, if you like a little variety in your gameplay than you may find these are just too much of a good thing.

Dave Reeder

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