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Desert Burner
By Sparklers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #122

This is a new release on the 'Sparklers' range of budget software, and quite a good one too.

The game places you on a souped-up motorcycle as you race across a desert highway in an attempt to deliver some top secret plans. The highway, however, is far from deserted; there are helicopters and plenty of oncoming traffic to avoid. But your bike is equal to the task; armed with cannons and able to jump over obstacles. You must shoot down the helicopters, whilst at the same time avoiding their bombs and leaping the obstacles in the road.

Ok, so it's not the most original of games, but it is quite nicely done and difficult enough to keep you at it for a while, I should think. The graphics are reasonably good, and the scrolling highway is quite smooth, although there are quite a few attribute problems. There are two different highways you can play on, and a nice feature of the game is a practice mode which enables you to play the game with the collision detection on the road obstacles turned off.

One small criticism - the grammar in the notes and instructions is pretty poor, and sets a bad example for the children that the game is presumably aimed at.

I'm not sure that this game is one that will hold your attention for months and months, but it is still good value and as good as some more expensive games I've seen.


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