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Home Computing Weekly

Body Works
By Genesis
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

Despite the fact that the publishers, Genesis Productions, claim this will not be marketed as an educational package, Body Works is, nonetheless, one of the better educational programs I have come across. The package includes two cassettes (with five programs), an introductory manual and wallchart of the human body.

Topics dealt with include cells, digestion, nerves, and muscles (among others), and these are introduced in the clear and concise manual and then illustrated by the accompanying programs. The chapter on cells, for example, explains the functions and working of different types of cells and the computer program gives graphical representations of .these cells, as well as animated sequences showing the passage of chemicals into and out of the cells.

The graphics throughout the programs are nicely designed, and make good use of colour to differentiate between different parts of the body, and this goes a long way to holding the user's attention - in contrast to the rather dull graphics in a lot of educational software.

What's more, instead of simply flashing reams of facts onto the TV screen, Body Works also includes a number of games/simulations which depict bodily process in action and allow the user a degree of interaction with the programs at the same time as soaking in the facts. One of these games, in which you control the muscles of an arm to press a series of buttons, I found challenging and playable).

All in all, Body Works is well produced and programmed, and an indication of what educational software can - and should - be.


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