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Home Computing Weekly

Abu Simbel
By Gremlin
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #122

This is almost an above average platform game. Unfortunately, I found it so difficult to play, and so frustrating, that I very quickly lost all patience with it and, despite trying to persevere and give the game a fair trial, I eventually gave in and found myself pulling out the power plug.

Set in an Egyptian pyramid, the game requires you to rescue someone by the name of Johnny, and there's some sort of treasure hunt involved along the way too. The graphics are above average for a JSW clone - quite large and detailed - though I'm not sure what the figure that you control was meant to be. It looks just like a blob on legs, and with a silly grin.

But what I found so irritating was the difficulty of getting through the rooms, past the various obstacles. The routes available require such precise timing, and your margin for error is so slight, that getting through a room just becomes a matter of repetitively attempting each obstacle until you've got the timing exact to a fraction of a second.

I realise that half the fun of a platform game is working out how to get through the rooms, but I simply found this game too difficult. After spending quarter of an hour on one single obstacle, only to eventually succeed and discover that the very next obstacle was just as hard, I gave up out of frustration.


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