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Chess Nuts
By Paul T. Cimatti
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #66

Chess Nuts

Chess Nuts is another example of that strange breed, a computer chess program which doesn't have a game in it.

First off, you get the 1986 matches between Kasparov and Karpov. You can either just sit there and watch the games being played or you can try and remember the moves. This is great if you like watching paint dry.

Then you've got Test Your Chess. The opening moves of a game are set out, and then you have to take over and see how well you do. But whatever you type in, the program will play the moves that were played in a real life game between chess masters; and when you're moves aren't right, you're never told why. 50 Mates in Two is just that - fifty chess problems which would have been far better left on the pages of whatever chess book they came from, not because they're no good, but because they don't work well on the computer screen.

Overall Summary

If you're both a chess and computer nut, fine. Otherwise steer clean - strictly for the addicts!

Gary Rook

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