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Space Detective
By Celerysoft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #63

Space Detective

Celerysoft is a new company and a bit weird. Included with the game there's a recipe for Celery Gratin. Pretty odd really, when you think about it. Don't let it put you off...

Space Detective is written using the Quill, Patch and illustrator, like many a budget title these days.

The plot is simple enough. Your bosses - the Galactic Federation or whoever - have lost contact with one of their scout ships, sent to investigate the planet Krepten. What has happened to the crew? Why haven't they reported? How come it's always you that gets volunteered for these assignments?

You begin the game standing by the scout ship's airlock. Northwards, you will find various rooms, some with obvious functions, others not so easy to understand.

A swift wander round the ship indicates that there has been some major problem. First off, you can't find the crew anywhere, although there are a couple of titanium doors that you can't open if they're behind them, then it's likely they're dead.

The ship's main reactor seems to have been cut off, and, you'll obviously need to find something to refuel it with before you can get power to the ship's controls. The transporter apparatus has been wrecked, so it might be good to mend it.

The question is where are the crew? Are they dead or alive? if alive then either they are hiding, or they have teleported down to the planet's surface.

The graphics work well, and use has been made of the Illustrator's ability to get things to flash on screen. The plot may be hackneyed, but it works well enough and there should be enough meat here to keep any adventurer happy for quite a while.

Overall Summary

Well worth the dosh. This adventure grabs you surprisingly quickly and it's all pretty atmospheric stuff.

Gary Rook

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