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ATV Simulator
By Codemasters
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Sinclair User #68

ATV Simulator

Not easy, riding one of these All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) bikes with big overfilled tires - but I think I'm just about getting the hang of iiiitttttt (crash! tinkle!!). ATV is a decent little budget title. The graphics are utility model - they work, but they're not particularly pretty - and the gameplay likewise. Fans of BMX Simulators may find this to easy but I quite enjoyed myself. The controls are a bit difficult too get the hang of at first, but perseverance pays off. You'll take a lot of spills before you manage to get through the first couple of courses, but you should enjoy yourself while doing so. The title music by David Whittaker ain't too bad either.

Overall Summary

Cheap and friendly little simulator that lets you drive one of those ATV dune bike things. Not brill, but OK.

Gary Rook

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