Sinclair User


Author: Jim Douglas
Publisher: Go!
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #69

Brave Starr

Oh. This sounds nice. Bravestarr is another offering from the Go! people.

Bravestarr is a western superhero from space. Confused? Well, he's in the mould of a classic square-jawed cow-poke (oo-er) and must deal with a band of low down stinkin' varmits, but instead of blasting their shootin' hands with a .22 slug, he has a laser pistol. Instead of unshaven bad guys to fend off, he has peculiar looking people in outsized baggy suits. Possibly members of Talking Heads.

Bravestarr himself is pleasingly drawn, being every millimetre the tall, dark and reasonably cleanly defined hero you would expect.

Brave Starr

You'll find yourself under attack from the bad guys, prairie dogs and floating bits of tumbleweed. Problems occur when stacks of the things appear all at once. You simply get swamped, and can't be expected to shoot them all. Not entirely fair.

Entering any of the buildings is very uninteresting. Each location (including caverns etc) is poorly depicted with blocky graphics. A list of options (Leave, Talk, Examine) comes up on the screen and you can select one with the joystick.

Travel is assisted by jumping on a jet-saddle, when everything gets like Defender and you zoom along, getting bombarded by flying things and not having a great time.

If only there was a little more atmosphere, Bravestarr could have been an interesting game. As it is it holds no interest after the first few minutes of play.

Overall Summary

The Speccy goes West. Highly mediocre and utterly unexciting offering from people who should know better.

Jim Douglas

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