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Auf Wiedersehen Pet
By Tynesoft
Spectrum 48K

Published in Crash #7

Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Based on the telly series, this new game features the hero Oz, a Geordie 'brickie' working in Germany with such famous international locations as Dusseldorf. It is a three-screen arcade game. In the first Oz must lay as many bricks as possible under instruction from 'Herr Fuhrer' whilst avoiding the watchful 'Erics' and falling trowles. He must also avoid laying any bricks in a place where there are none underneath. Should he reach the top a cement bonus is added. This screen takes the form of a brick rampart with the bare scaffolding grided above it, dotted with Eric faces. Oz may move in four directions, laying bricks in the manner of a 'Painter' game behind him.

The second screen features the favourite pastime of Oz - drinking in the local bierkeller. The bar is represented by a green brick square. You start off with two tables topped by bier glasses. Oz must drink the bier without hitting the table or the multiplying bar maids. Success leads to another bout with one more table added and more madchen to avoid.

The third screen, a kind of bonus screen, sees Oz weaving his drunken way home. The route is beset with lamp posts, police cars and security men - none of which must be hit. This would prove easy, even for a drunken Oz, were it not for a power failure which blanks out the street lamps and everything else with it. After a good look at the scene you must memorise the route and guide Oz through safely without bumping into anything.

Between each screen there is a little graphics representation of the coming scene with wry Geordie comments on living in Germany.


Control keys: Z/X left/right, O/K up/down
Joystick: Kempston
Keyboard play: slow to respond
Use of colour: good
Graphics: average
Sound: good tunes, otherwise below average
Skill levels: 1 with progressive difficulty
Lives: 3
Screens: 3 games screens
Originality: overall quite original, although each game type is not uncommon on its own

Comment 1

'When loading Auf Wiedersehen Pet you'll see one of the best loading screens ever because it shows a very recognisable picture of Oz, your favourite brickie from Geordie Land. The graphics are neat and very well drawn. The three different screens are really three different games, which adds to the value immensely. Each screen has its own particular tune and if you know the tunes you'll find that they fit the screen. The game is nicely done and the three screens are neat little games and you can't really argue whether or not you've hit something because this isn't a fast arcade game. This game is definitely worth considering, especially if you want something to play together with your friends. A nice touch would've been more keyboard and joystick options. All in all, a nice game which is worth a look.'

Comment 2

'This game improves a bit with the playing, each screen getting harder (except for the third which gets easier) each time round, and very much harder each time if you complete it. In other words you play each one, one after the other continuously, but if you actually complete one in each round, you get to do it again, and again. The result can be quite addictive for a while, although I doubt I shall bother with it again. The graphics are rather primitive, although Oz is a pretty lively stick figure - it's a pity the control responses are so sluggish.

Comment 3

'Although this is based on the TV series, I wouldn't state that as being a buying point. The scenario relates to the series but only very vaguely really. The content of this game isn't really high at all. Tunes are quite good at first but tend to get on your nerves after a fair while as do the in-between screen sequences. Keyboard response is not really up to today's standards, but then again, it isn't a real arcade type game. The third screen is the most irritating as it takes time to slot in all the lamps, cars etc., but worse still, takes even longer to black them out again. I don't know whether this is a serious bug in the program, but I think it crashed on the second screen on reaching 50 beer pots. My score was 39,228 points - the beer pots began appearing one after the other, slowing down considerably in their appearance as it reach the 40s. The fiftieth appeared - and I'm still eagerly awaiting either the fifty-first or for the game to commence. Still waiting....'

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