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Halls Of The Things
By Crystal Computing
Spectrum 48K

Published in Sinclair User #17

Halls of The Things


HALLS OF THINGS for the 48K Spectrum is a game which could change the Spectrum games scene overnight.

The program is technically excellent and dangerously addictive, although you can forget about high scores until you become adept.

You play a little man who must rush up and down the stairs to different levels of a maze in which several magic rings can be found. The problem is that some little space invader-type creatures are out to get you with their fireballs and lightning. You can fight them with your fireballs, lightning and sword. You can also heal the wounds which have been inflicted on you by using magic, of which you have a limited amount.

The screen display makes it even more impressive. It looks as if the game is running on an Apple 2E or UK-101, both computers more expensive than the Spectrum. The game is bound to be a hit apart from one criticism. Halls of Things has no sound. The fights between Things and the hero could be made even more dramatic with the addition of lightning zaps or explosions.

Cosmic Guerrilla is an arcade game which is also produced by Crystal Computing for the Spectrum.

You have three spaceships to save and, depending on how far you proceed in the game, the aliens mutate from ordinary space invaders to cosmic pigs. The sound and graphics combine to make the game good fun and easy to play. Halls of Things costs £6.50 and Cosmic Guerrilla £5.95. Both cassettes can be obtained from Crystal Computing, 2 Ashton Way, East Herrington, Sunderland, SR3 3RX.

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