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Home Computing Weekly

By Kuma Computers
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #111

The sort of results which can be achieved using this utility can be seen from the accompanying screen dump drawn by one of the co-authors. Via a series of well thought-out menus, you can select screen mode, ink and paper colours, and draw away to your heart's content.

A moving cursor is steered using the cursor keys, though routines are available to draw lines, circles, boxes and ellipses instantly. Not only that, but the resultant shape can be manoeuvred around the screen, and its size changed. Text can also be included and that too can be shunted about in one piece. The nicest feature of all is a FILL command, which is really swift.

In use, the whole thing is really idiot-proof, with the opportunity to undo what you just did, and instant access to help pages. Via the menus you can change mode, save to disc if available, or to tape, and the screens can be built into your own program. The easy to follow manual also contains details of how to save part screens and access them again later both in BASIC and machine code. The whole package is characterised by user friendliness and ease of use.

In order to reproduce your picture in your own programs you must set the relevant inks and pens before loading the picture, however. An on-screen indicator would have been useful to show current settings, as would a save-to-disc option. Recommended, if a little expensive.


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