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A View To A Kill
By Domark
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #120

The latest in a long line of games based on films/tv programs, A View To A Kill is actually quite good. Not great but still pretty enjoyable.

The cassette includes three games based upon scenes from the film, plus an opening title sequence similar to that at the start of Bond films.

The first game is a sort of 3-0 maze, representing the streets of Paris, through which you drive in order to catch May Day. The graphics are competent, but this is probably the least compelling of the games.

A View To A Kill

The second, set in the burning City Hall, is a simple icon driven adventure, in which you have to save both Bond and his henchperson, Stacey from the names about to engulf the building. Though the icon system isn't as sophisticated as that used in Beyond's Shadowfire, its novelty and versatility make up for what might otherwise be a fairly standard hunt-the-object game.

But, my favourite game is the Silicon Valley Mine. This combines two different types of game to produce a hybrid platform game/icon driven adventure. This is similar in many ways to the old Oracle's Cave game, but is more sophisticated. Running and jumping through the cave network, you search for a bomb that must be defused. But you can also use the icon system which includes climbing gear and disarmament equipment.

None of the games are great individually, but the three together are good value.


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