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Home Computing Weekly

St. Crippens
By Sparklers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #122

Despite its novel setting, this is really a fairly dated type of maze game. Set in a hospital, you are a patient looking for your clothes so that you can leave the hospital. But between you and freedom are the nurses, porters and a few monsters thrown in for good measure (and look out for the bedpans and polished floors too!).

To find the clothes you must make your way through all the wards whilst the hospital staff chase you around the beds. It's all fairly standard stuff, although the hospital setting is rather novel and makes the game seem a bit more original than it really is. The graphics are fairly basic - all the animated figures look like stick insects and appear to be made up of just one or two UDGs. The collision detection is a bit suspect as you can be injured (you don't lose lives, just sustain injuries) at times when it actually looks as though you and your pursuer haven't quite come into contact. Even so, I still found the game enjoyable for a short while, and it was only the fact that I couldn't seem to find any clothes anywhere that caused me to get a bit fed up.

It's a pity that the graphics are so uninspired, since with better graphics and slightly more responsive controls, it would make a decent enough budget game.


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