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3 Deep Space
By Postern
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

3 Deep Space

Although this game is a good one and the programming excellent, the talking point has to be the gimmick. With this game you get a pair of 3D spectacles so that you can zap the aliens in one dimension than usual. By a clever combination of red, blue and magenta graphics, two dimensional images on the screen can appear to be two sets of superimposed pictures of one thing. With the 3D spectacles, the two images merge into one.

The awkward points are that the television must be finely tuned; you must sit exactly the right distance from the screen and at the right angle and you can't wear your own spectacles. The game itself involves shooting down oncoming waves of alien ships in time honoured fashion, with your ship not only moving up and down the screen and from right to left but also travelling at variable distances 'inside' the screen. Your gun can move up and down and in and out by using a sensible combination of keys (*, ?, Z and X).

The game is quite playable without 3D in the early stages because you can estimate the distance of the aliens by their size. However, in the later stages the ships have 'image-distorters'. Roughly speaking, this means that their size on screen does not change but the 3D representation does. You'll need the specs.

The sound is quite dramatic and gives the necessary arcade flavour. It is a personal choice whether the 3D is a sufficiently exciting novelty. Essentially this is a conventional alien-blasting game.

Dave Reeder

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