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Transistors Revenge
By Softspot
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 1.07

Transistors Revenge

Transistors Revenge by Softspot is a game based inside the computer. Your Beeb is under attack from eight different components such as resistor, transistors (of course), LEDs, fuses not to mention the tools! It's your job to protect your CPU against these meanies who are trying to overthrow the CPU and control the computer themselves. Your only chance to prevent this is to fire electrical impulses down the CPU's data lines.

After every four attacks a trickier pattern appears to make things more difficult. At the start of each game you're awarded three pointers, and an extra life at 50,000. At the end of the game (which is when the components successfully enter and overthrow the CPU) you're given the option to either continue or start again from the beginning. Each component is worth 100 points and a bonus of 500 points is given if one of the tools is destroyed. If you're struggling to defend your CPU you may use your ZAP. This will destroy everything on the screen. Once the ZAP is used you must wait 30 seconds for the ZAP to recharge.

The graphics aren't breathtaking but are well used. The screen display is set out with the CPU sitting proudly in the middle. Sixteen thin data lines cover the screen with the meanies travelling at various speeds along the data lines. At the bottom of the screen you're given the score, level, ZAP's and how many meanies are left.

The game itself is well thought out but unfortunately there's not much skill involved in massacring the meanies and after a short time it becomes dull and boring.

Dave Reeder

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