Step 3: General Esteem

So firstly, there's the Base Price. Then there's the % Chance Of Being Found. The next factor which can modify a valuation is the "esteem" in which a game is held. If the game is considered to be very good, then its value increases. If the game is generally considered awful, it may not increase in value at all.

We work out the "esteem" by assessing how an item was received upon release. Most reviews of items give them an overall mark - either as a percentage or as marks out of ten. We assess the "esteem" by taking an average of all of the overall marks awarded by all the reviews we have in our database.

Again, with 161,207 items (and counting!) on our site, we haven't been able to accurately work out the "esteem" for every item - but the form below will illustrate the concept for the ones we have assessed. Choose a Machine Type, a format and the name of a game. The Base Price, % Chance Of Being Found and General Esteem will then be reported...

That's not the final valuation - that's the valuation when both the % Chance Of Being Found and the % General Esteem is applied.

Got your head around that part? Good.