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By Mastertronic Added Dimension
Commodore 64/128

Published in Commodore User #42



Zub is a third class private in the second glorious Army of Zubi - although this reluctant trooper does not relish his military career one bit. His fellow soldiers are genetically engineered fighting machines with no fear or sympathy for anyone. But Zub is the exception. For 478 years he avoided active service but now he is called upon to do his bit.

It appears that someone nicked one of the crown jewels - 'The Green Eyeball of Zub' no less, but luckily it had been traced to a distant planet - Zub 10. The king was not altogether chuffed with this state of affairs and wanted his ball back (his eyeball) and decreed that a similar ranking officer be despatched immediately to retrieve it.

A series of teleporters are used to convey our doubtful hero to Zub 10. In order to get to them, he has to hop from a series of platforms suspended in mid-air.

Once safely on the platform he can move it from right to left. He moves it to underneath the next platform and hops again. By moving continually upwards he can reach the next teleport.

This standard platform romp is made more difficult by the presence of nasties on some of the platforms - but your anti-alien plasma pistol is ore than capable of dealing with these.

Power pills have to be collected as Zub explores the planets. The power pills have a variety of uses - and not all of them are that useful either.

When you finally reach Zub 10, the game serves up a real stinker. It tells you that the green eyeball of Zub was in your pocket all the time, so your journey was wasted. But you still have to make your way back home - and get bored stiff climbing your way back to Zub 1.

What all this adds up to is a rather weak and repetitive game which has little or no appeal. Climbing ever upwards is no barrel of laughs. But you should play it just to see the multitude of different aliens. The graphics for these are pretty neat, especially the clockwork fish.

Sound is below average though, and there is a rather dull piece of music from David Whittaker.

I can't really recommend this game. And you will already know that there are lots of better cheapos on the shelves.

Richard Bradbury


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