ST Format

The Infocom Range
By Mastertronic
Atari ST

Published in ST Format #18

The Infocom Range

One of the most famous software houses is Infocom, who've been bunging out their tricky and addictive adventures since the year dot. Infocom adventures are all text-based, relying on atmospheric scene setting rather than posy graphics.

Mastertronic have just released five Infocom games at half price and they represent an excellent opportunity to either get into adventuring or stock up on your collection.

The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy

is my all-time favourite adventure. Douglas Adams collaborated with Infocom in the writing of the game and there's stuff in here that isn't in the book. You're Arthur Dent, the hapless chap who's just about to have his house bulldozed. With the help of Ford Prefect you teleport up to a passing Vogon cruiser and watch the destruction of earth. All you've got to do is survive... and try to get the hang of Thursdays. STF Rating 89%

Zork 1


was one of the very first home computer adventure games. It was initially released way back in 1981 and it's sold over a million copies. Zork is a story of underground mis-adventures. All you've got to do is explore a labyrinth, find the treasure, defeat the monsters and then get yourself back to the surface in one piece. STF Rating 75%


is touted as being an excellent introduction to computer adventure games. The game world is manageably small and the challenges (initially at least) are quite easily overcome. The storyline is that some geezer calling himself The Evil One has done a runner with your cat. You've got to defeat the horrible chap and see that Tiddles is returned to his window-still in one piece. STF Rating 70%


is a futuristic game set on a strange world. You've been shipwrecked along with your robot companion Floyd on a very weird planet. Exploring the landscape and surviving its dangers are your job. Floyd, like many another plastic pal, has a character all his own and can be just as much of a hindrance as a help. STF Rating 78%

Leather Goddesses Of Phobos

is a parody of 1930's pulp fiction. It's notable mainly for the fact that it contains some lewd scenarios and language that can be set at three levels. You're kidnapped by these kinky conquerors who want to turn the earth into their private pleasure palace. Escape from the Goddesses and assemble all the materials you need to destroy them forever. (Bit of a waste, surely...) STF Rating 79%