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Published in Amiga Power #14


Earlier this year, Digital Integration released Supaplex with the launch of their Dream Factory label - that's the one that carries full price arcade-style games. And now here it is on budget already - I can only presume it didn't perform too brilliantly at the steeper price point.

So what've we got? Well, we're told on the packaging that, "there's 111 imaginative and brain-teasing levels to master in this fast-moving and indeed puzzling game". Maybe there are and maybe there aren't - I must admit to being bored stupid by level five, so not only did I not get far enough to confirm the fact, I don't really care very much either way.

But let's not jump the gun. You know the sort of game this is - it's a variation on Boulder Dash. You play a Pac-Man-like character called Murphy who's "exploring deep inside a crazy computer" - the object of the game is to collect all the 'Infotrons' and avoid the 'Zonks' (hamburger-shaped bombs which will blow to bits if they fall on you).

They will fall down the screen when the green material that supports them is eaten away by your good self. If you enjoy very basic graphics and simple maze puzzles, then - hey! - this might be the game for you, but I doubt it. There's no question at all that Supaplex sits far more comfortably at £7.99 than its old price point, but it's still a less-than-essential buy - you'd really have to be in a very poorly stocked computer shop with a fair amount of money burning a hole in your pocket to consider it. Very average.

The Bottom Line

Fine at PD (indeed, that's what it looks like), but this Boulderdash clone still looks a tiresome buy at this new lower price point. Still, the box makes a great stand for a mug of tea or that potted plant your sister left behind before she went off to college.

Matthew Squires

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