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Sport's Best
By Loriciel
Amiga 500

Published in Amiga Power #16

Sport's Best

What do French publisher Loriciel consider to be the Best of Sport? Tennis, Porsche 944 Turbo racing and kick boxing, that's what. I ask you.

Panza Kick Boxing

Pansy Wrist Slapping is how some people have described Panza Kick Boxing, but I think that's a trifle unfair.

In this simulation of the fast and brutal 'sport' there are many nice touches which work very well indeed, such as flashes to indicate hits. And there are plenty of options, if you like that sort of thing. Why, you can even define, within reason, your combatant's moves.

It looks kinda drab, sure, but, to be fair, the fighters' movements are impressively animated, and the scrapping appears to move along at quite a pace. But wait! Here come the problems... Panza Kick Boxing feels far more sluggish than you'd expect (so 'Bang!' goes the playability). The sampled noises and speech are all a bit nasal, and none of them sound painful enough. There's too much disk accessing too.

Tennis Cup

Tennis Cup is the high spot of this compilation, but that's not saying much. Its advantage over other tennis simulations is that it's undoubtedly the most comprehensive available. There are statistics galore, squillions of options, and even a trace of (eek!) Role Playing (you can change the players' attributes).

The music's not bad either. It features some superb sampled grunts and groans and cheers and so on from a real tennis match. Some of those sounds also make their way into the simulated tennis itself (no surprises there), and the sampled umpire's speech is hilarious ("Luff-fifteen", he says in his funny, erm... Englishly-challenged accent).

However... The action is viewed from a low, as it were, 'camera angle', and the screen is split into two so you can see both ends of the court. I tell you, you couldn't play flick-tennis in those cramped conditions. And the horizontal scrolling's jerky. And you can't adjust the position of your serve. But it does actually play, oh... kay, I suppose.


As for the other crockery in this pack, namely the Cup that is Turbo... It's a bit sad. In its favour, the in-play racing display is presented from an unusual perspective: behind and above the car under your control (It's rather like Atari Games' Roadblasters, if you remember that, only better). But... This would all be very effective and convincing and all that if it wasn't so slow and juddery. It's difficult to crash, but it's too easy to perform a poncy spin. And the engine noise sounds like a polite female bottom burp. Enough said.

The Bottom Line

Three sort of average (ish) sporty (ish) products in one package for a reasonable (ish) price. The manual's pretty good (ish) though (strangely enough, 80 per cent of it's devoted to Panza Kck Boxing).

Gary Penn

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