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Peter Scott Compilation
By Top Ten
BBC Model B

Published in Acorn User #068

Peter Scott Compilation

There are three games in this compilation, Pandemonium, Network and Yoyo. All three are virtually identical, apart from slight changes in graphics. In each you have the task of controlling a character which must go around a series of rooms collecting objects, all in true arcade adventure style.

In each screen there are monsters on the loose. Contact with these is fatal. To help you on your way you are equipped with a weapon. In Pandemonium and Network you are in possession of a laser, while Yoyo allows the use of a force shield, which will happily destroy any monsters that get in your way.

The similarity between these three games is so marked that, while testing them, a colleague failed to notice that I had stopped playing Pandemonium and changed instead to Yoyo.

Each game does, however, have its own peculiarities. For example, in Pandemonium, if you land on top of a monster you will find that you can remain there for as long as you wish without ill effect. If this is tried in Network, you lose energy. Yoyo goes the whole hog, as it were, and kills you off outright as soon as you come in contact with one of the nasties.

There are some nice features in the games - for example, the screen being cleared by scrolling the graphics off when you die. In Network there is a nice little jingle part way through loading. What it's there for I don't know, but it sounds good. And while I'm on the subject of sound, the music in Yoyo is identical to that in Last Of The Free.

If you have a hankering to try and arcade adventure, and have not yet had the chance to play Last Of The Free, then these games might be worth looking at. However, I would advise anyone considering this compilation not to regard it as three games but more like one game with three different sets of screens and graphics. Despite that, at only £1.99 it still represents excellent value for money.

Gavin Gillings

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