Commodore User

Moon Cresta

Publisher: Incentive
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #21

Moon Cresta

Incentive have been making waves lately.

Their latest game - Confuzion - had the Commodore User office in a complete tizzy recently.

Now the thundering shoot-'em-up - Moon Cresta - looks set to repeat the success of Confuzion for Incentive.

Moon Cresta

This is a classic arcade "shoot-'em-up" and a faithful reproduction of the original coin-operated job of the same name, also known as Firebird.

Aliens whizz all over the screen tracing out pretty patterns while you attempt to blast them into the middle of next week with your rocket ship. When several waves have been obliterated you get the chance to earn bonus points by docking with the mothership.

Dirty tricks are employed to deprive you of your three lives. On completion of one particular wave, meteors rocket across the screen at the speed of light. The only chance of escape is if you're lucky enough to be tucked away in the corner, out of range.

Nothing new here, just sheer, unadulterated blasting pleasure. Incidentally, for those good enough to score 30,000 points Incentive are offering the chance to win an original Moon Cresta arcade machine. You'll need plenty of practice. After two or three hours, the best I could manage was 10,000.

Adventure fans are in for a treat from Incentive. Their excellent Ket Trilogy is shortly to make an appearance on the C64. Watch out for this trilogy - it is a minor classic amongst Spectrum adventure freaks.