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Moon Cresta
By Incentive
Commodore 64

Published in Zzap #2

Nostalgic delve into arcade past

Moon Cresta

This game has certainly taken a long time in being converted to a micro: only about six years! But the classic, ancient arcade game even now might be found lurking in the furthest recess of a dingy arcade.

To the uninitiated, the game entails blasting kamikaze aliens and after every fourth and third waves increasing your firepower by docking ships.

There are five different aliens varying in speed and all but one lot follow a predictable pattern. Nevertheless, they are all quite difficult to hit and reach horrific speeds on level three.

Only one shot is allowed on screen at one time, so every shot counts and on high levels it is essential to hit your target otherwise you will find it crashing into you.

You will encounter two waves of each alien, each alien appearing in a wave of eight. The waves all have to be approached differently.


This is a superb implementation of the archaic arcade classic of the same name. The thing is Moon Cresta wasn't much of a game when it first came out, and it certainly doesn't hold its own with the quality of software today.


Good old arcade blasting still has its appeal, but I suspect that it won't last long for most people. There aren't that many waves but what there is is pretty tough. I've always been a sucker for simple zapping games like this and this one in the Galaxian mould should provide me with some untaxing destruction.


Graphically this game is arcade perfect and the sound is exactly the same as its big brother. I enjoyed the arcade game when it first came out, and this nostalgic trip into recent history was thoroughly enjoyable. A good old massacre never goes amiss and this should be of interest to any dedicated arcade player.


Presentation 70%
High-score table, two-player option, etc. Competition to enter.

Originality 50%
This is the licensed version - the rating doesn't mean much.

Graphics 63%
Fast and smooth, if dated.

Hookability 65%
Pleasing nostalgia trip for ageing arcade goers.

Sound 29%
Just as bad as in the original.

Lastability 59%
Six different waves, but difficulty levels soon get very hard.

Value For Money 63%
A fairly cheap trip down Memory Lane.

Overall 57%

The White Wizard

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