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Manic Miner
By Software Projects
Commodore 64

Published in Commodore User #10

Manic Miner

This brilliant game is one of the finest examples of what is now called a 'real-time graphic adventure', technical jargon for an animated game of manual dexterity with a good storyline.

Joystick or keys are used to negotiate Miner Willy through long-forgotten caverns in which he will have to jump up various levels, avoiding obstacles such as poisonous pansies, spiders, slime and (worst of all) the Manic Mining Robot.

In each cavern Miner Willy has to collect a set of keys before he can proceed into the next cave. An incredible 20 different caverns are programmed, all with high resolution graphics in glorious technicolour and with tremendous animation. The start of the game will demonstrate all 20 levels, which is an entertainment in itself - our favourite is Attack of the Mutant Telephones! Finally, this addictive game is played to an excellent rendition of "In The Hall Of The Mountain King". Highly recommended.