ST Format

Hooray For Henrietta

Author: David Jones
Publisher: Scetlander
Machine: Atari ST

Published in ST Format #19

Hooray For Henrietta

Scetlander's first ST title Hooray For Henrietta is a competent Maths package comprising a disk, a comprehensive 16-page manual, and a button badge. Henrietta is about to marry Hopeless Harry until a mischievous bird, John the Parrot, steals Henry and his clothing.

When you load the program you select the level of difficulty from one to eight. Henrietta's attempts to rescue Henry and his clothes occur over four screens. The first deals with addition, the problems appearing at the bottom of the screen. Henrietta climbs a house to reclaim her incompetent fiance and, for every correct answer, she gets a step closer to him. When reunited, they jig around comically in a cross between break-dancing and the Highland Fling!

The remaining three screens follow the same format. The second deals with subtraction (at a boat race), the third with multiplication (hurdles) and the fourth with division (at a building site). If successful, the couple are permanently united. A bowl of custard covers Henry if he fails.

Hooray For Henrietta has an excellent parent/teacher facility which sets it aside from the competition. It can be tailored to the needs of any primary school child and provides a comprehensive results section. You can save or print this for a permanent record of a child's progress.

This is a competent program but the sprites and graphics are small and this is a distraction. Kids are likely to tire of the four screens fairly quickly even though the program covers a wide age range. Finally, the documentation is misleading, implying that the National Curriculum attainment levels one to five are covered by the software when this is only partly the case.

Despite these grumbles, Hooray For Henrietta is recommended as a program which, in a limited way, helps to encourage basic numeracy and provides parents and teachers with a record of children's progress.

David Jones

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