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Captain Sticky's Gold
By English
Atari 400/800

Published in Personal Computer News #071

Sticky Habits

Sticky Habits

When I want a packet of chewing gum, I just nip into the nearest confectioners. But not Captain Sticky, that would be too easy.


The cassette inlay details a preposterous plot, but don't let it put you off. Captain Sticky has a secret vice - he's a chewing gum addict. As he's a bit short of ready cash, he must dive to the bottom of the sea in search of gold in order to maintain his habit.

Down below, all is not sweetness and light - fish, leeches and monster crabs all show signs of belonging to an anti-gum organisation.

In Play

Captain Sticky's Gold

A rollicking nautical tune, reminiscent of A Life On The Ocean Wave, precedes demonstration.

On screen is a view of the ocean depths with enough swimming fish to make an angler drool.

On the sea-bed are three platforms, towards one of which a bar of gold drifts to rest. On the surface, Captain Sticky, in full diver's rig, prepares for a dip into the briney.

Captain Sticky's Gold

He is attached to his boat's jib by a lifeline. Colliding with a fish cuts the line, causing a Sticky end.

He can harpoon the fish but not the air leech, a white amorphous wobbler which sucks away some of the Captain's oxygen on contact.

A gauge shows the amount of air left - the supply is replenished on return to the surface. Once a gold bar has been reached by Captain Sticky, it is automatically hauled up to the boat. Sticky must then surface in order to obtain a new length of rope.

When ten gold bars have been safely landed, you move to the next level where the going gets rougher. A buzzing helicopter drops bombs, seabed-to-Sticky missiles proliferate, force-fields crackle and monster crabs come out for a quick chomp on a sea captain.

Complete the eight levels, and then cycle round again but faster. You can start on any level. Control is by joystick only, with a two-player game option.


Colourful graphics with plenty of action and bags of sound effects (loved the theme tune) make this an enjoyable game. Never mind the potty bubble gum motif - have some bubbly fun.

Bob Chappell

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