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Double Dare
By Alternative
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Amstrad Computer User #89

The messiest game show of them all comes to the CPC screen at last.

Double Dare

This is it! The big one. If you don't watch your step here, you're going to get well and truly gunged! Those of you who glance at the telly on a Saturday morning, will no doubt know the format of this incredibly popular game. If you don't, listen carefully.

As with the TV game, your first task is to get through a gruelling round of multiple choice questions and answers. If you know the answer, great. If not, then Dare the other team to answer it.

If they don't want to, then it's back to you, either to give an answer or take on one of the infamous challenges. What are they? Well, firstly, you must rearrange the jumbled pieces of a square, to make up the face of a famous celebrity.

If you have to face a second challenge, then you must follow the sequence of lights, as they flash on the screen, like a Merlin machine, getting the correct sequence to take the points.

The third challenge involves lifting rings from one peg to another, without putting bigger rings on smaller ones.

Yes, this is pretty tricky stuff but, don't forget, Double Dares are worth double points, so stick in there and do your best.

Don't worry if you run out of questions either, as there are plenty of replacement sets to be loaded, extending your playing power no end. OK, so you've managed to successfully negotiate the first round of Double Dare, now comes the messy part. Again, just like the TV game, your next task is to take on the Assault Course.

Racing through a host of objectionable obstacles, you must keep your eyes well and truly peeled for the ten flags, which are lurking in the most unlikely of places.

Try everything and look everywhere, as you need to collect all of the flags within the time limit to succeed. One place you don't need to look is in the Gunge Tanks. These crop up just where you least expect them and, as you can imagine, falling into one is not very advisable.

Not only do you get well and truly gunged up, but you lose valuable seconds to boot. You have been warned.

If you have never witnessed the spectacle that is Double Dare, then you don't know what you have missed. As a screen recreation of the real thing, this little blast does exceptionally well. OK, so you don't actually get gunged yourself but, by capturing the true atmosphere of the race against time, this is one blast you won't put down in a hurry. Well done Alternative.