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Amstrad Computer User

By Rainbird
Amstrad 6128

Published in Amstrad Computer User #52


All you know is that your name is Derek Rogers, a financial whiz in the City.

You have accepted an offer of partnership from David Rogers, no relation, who runs a well-known finance house.

The job seems almost too good to be true, you just love your new BMW with its built-in everything. In the office, your secretary is not exactly talkative and you do not even have your own phone. As the firm is soon moving to new premises, you are initially not that worried.

Soon little things begin to worry you. There is talk of the Fraud Squad; you are excluded from a meeting between David and the company's legal adviser.

As you look around the building, the feeling of unease grows with the discovery of a very large cheque made out to a wanted criminal.

Two attempts on your life and being framed for insider dealing are not your only worries. Is it more than a coincidence that you and your new partner are both D. Rogers?

While there is plenty to explore, the crux of Corruption is timing and character interaction. Each command causes one minute to pass. Characters move around and must be questioned for you to learn something of interest.

The packaging contains useful information in the form of sheets from a personal organiser, the usual Magnetic Scrolls coded hints, plus an audio cassette. The latter is a good example of how an innocent conversation may be used against you.

Graphics re good, and concentrate on people rather than scenery.

Corruption is not an easy game to solve. Without sensible help, some less-then-expert players may find it difficult to continue past the first few hours.