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By Kingsoft
Commodore 16/116/Plus 4

Published in Commodore User #39


It's rip-offs all round this month and Bridgehead (Legionnaire II) is no exception. It's no wonder Anco are calling this series of shoot-'em-ups Legionnaire - someone at that company may end up in the Foreign Legion if they ever get caught. Legionnaire I was a rip-off of Commando - some say a better copy of the Capcom coin-op than Elite's official version.

Now step up to the computer please Legionnaire II, or should I say Green Beret? C16 and Plus/4 owners who had to look on in envy whilst their C64-owning mates boasted about the brilliant coin-op conversion from Ocean need no longer be jealous now you have one too and - rip off or not, it's an excellent rendition of the game.

First of all, full marks to Anco for producing a separate version for the Plus/4. It has identical graphics and gameplay to the C16 version but an extra four levels. Many a Plus/4 owner will be grateful for that.

The object of Green, er, Bridgehead, is to get to the enem yheadquarters and lob some grenades at it. You control a commando who runs to the right stabbing the enemy with his commando knife. He can also run back if he needs to

Eugene Lacey

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