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By Software Invasion
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #33


Battlezone was an arcade classic in its time but the wireframe graphics it boasted look less inspiring today. Blitzkrieg is an attempt to bring the game up to date. Gone are the wireframes and in their place are graphics created with models and a video digitising system.

The effect is quite good, if only monochrome (in green), and both the enemy tanks and your machine look impressive. The scrolling scenery in the background is also very detailed and nicely shaded but is totally inaccessible. You cannot move your tank, only rotate the turret. The enemy tanks rumble around you, though, and are surprisingly slow at getting you within their sights. Fortunately they will only shoot at your tank when you can see them. You can suffer ten hits from the enemy before your machine finally explodes.

The game is well implemented with a good 3D moving shell effect and excellent graphics. However, Battlezone was around an awful long time ago and the idea is wearing a little thin now. If you like this kind of game then Blitzkrieg will appeal, otherwise you'd be better off lining up something else in your sights.

Geoff Bains

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