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Magic Mushrooms
By Acornsoft
BBC Model B

Published in Beebug #33

Magic Mushrooms

Guide Murphy around the screen of ladders, platforms, moving floors, trampolines, and so on, to collect all the mushrooms. Doesn't sound too original, and certainly not worth four stars. However, as you'd expect from Acornsoft, there is more to Magic Mushrooms than just this. When you have mastered the nine screens of the platforms and ladders game supplied, you can edit the screens or design entirely new ones of your own.

The game itself is good, and not that easy to master. The graphics are bright and smooth as we have come to expect from Acornsoft. However this tired concept for a computer game is given a whole new lease of life by the screen designer. New screens can be created from old ones or from nother.

The screen editor is very simple to use. You just move the cursor around the screen depositing any of the sixteen different symbols as you go. The mushrooms are placed randomly by the Beeb for each game. You can test out a screen from within the editor, and when satisfied, save it and incorporate it in the game itself.

Many games are getting a bit vapid these days. Magic Mushrooms has a novel approach and is excellently implemented.

Geoff Bains

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