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Home Computing Weekly

Crazy Painter
By Superior
BBC Model B

Published in Home Computing Weekly #49

The BBC software hit of last year was Adrian Stevens' Killer Gorilla. This is his latest arcade offering and, once again, he has not just given a flavour of the original but has designed the game to be a full-feature implementation.

The game in question is Amidar and here we have both screens faithfully translated and the intermediate bonus screens also. The basic aim is for you (a gorilla yet again) to go around the screens eating the nuts before the Amidars can catch you. As you eat all the nuts around a particular area that area colours in and your score extra points.

If you are dextrous enough to colour all the corner squares then you can stun the Amidars and have a little more peace. The second screen features a paint roller which goes through similar movements but which runs out of paint after every three sides of an area, this time chased by Teddy Bears. The bonus screen involves trying to land the gorilla on a bunch of bananas.

Great sound and graphics, smooth and accurate animation, responsive and simple control mean that this game should follow Killer Gorilla to the No. 1 spot, if there is any justice.


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