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Wec Le Mans
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Sinclair User #108

Wec Le Mans

OK, you don't actually spin around on your seat as you're playing it, as you do in the original coin-op, but WEC LeMans on the Spectrum captures most of the thrills of the original, so much so that on first release we at SU described it as "absolutely brilliant", an accolade we don't use carelessly.

Using the fire button or space bar to change from high to low gear, you whizz around corners and along straights through four laps, each consisting of three stages. The track curves and humps realistically, and steering is more responsive than a romantic rabbit.

Though the car and background graphics aren't astonishing, the animation's pretty good, and the all-important sense of speed and control is satisfying. Spins and skids are handled realistically, and it's a real challenge to complete each lap in front.

Perhaps no longer the best car racing game - there are so many competitors it's hard to pick a best - but Wec Le Man still qualifies in the front row.

Label: Hit Squad Price: £2.99 48/128K Reviewer: Chris Jenkins

Overall Summary

Front-rank car racing coin-op conversion stands up to the test of time.

Chris Jenkins

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