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By Tynesoft

Published in A&B Computing 3.10

Great fun! A virtual clone of Bug Eyes by the same author, this platform-type game involves guiding Raj, the Indian takeway owner, deep through the cellars under his restaurant to find the toilet (Vindaloo - Find a loo - geddit?). Despite the awful potential of racist jokes, this is a straight game that uses humour well and is inoffensive as far as I can see.

Like Bug Eyes, you only use Z/X for left/right and the multiple screens are full of the familiar lifts, descending monsters and flying objects to be avoided. The characters are satisfyingly large and the time element imposes a sense of urgency. Not the best game of the month, but of a quality to make me eager to see the next batch of Tynesoft releases.

Dave ReederDave Fifield

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