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By Unknown
BBC Model B

Published in A&B Computing 4.09


I'm all for home-produced software, especially when (like this) an attempt has been made to provide a neat bit of packaging, a function key strip and an unusual program.

Of course, one always assumes that home-released games were too poor to sell to a software company; a poor assumption - remember Joust? Not that this is in quite the same league, I'm afraid.

This is a competently produced version of Mastermind for computer - you will recall the phenomenally successful strategy game, I'm sure. You or the computer can play either part - four coloured pegs are placed in position and hidden, the game depending on logical deduction of colour and placement depending on information given as to right colours or right positions guessed or deduced.

As a game, it is quite fun - whether it needs a computer conversion is another question.

Dave Reeder

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