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Vectors Maths Tutor
By Salamander

Published in The Micro User 2.10

Vectors gets content just right

Everything about Vectors Maths Tutor is right, except the price.

It is obvious from the start that this tape from Salamander Software covers in great detail the theory, application and testing of vector theory through a series of no less than 14 interlinked parts, each taking the subject a little further.

Vectors are vital to an understanding of applied mathematics at O and A-level, and anyone spending time and effort with this tape could hardly help but improve his knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Each program takes the student at any chosen pace through a series of examples and illustrations, followed by an interactive set of the questions based on the work covered. The screen display is clear and precise.

Beginning with definitions of vectors and the notations used throughout, the program moves crisply but evenly through vector matrices, parametric equation representation and three-dimensional work.

Parts made me think very hard, as I last studied A-level maths back in the pre-Pacman era, but students currently studying vectors at school or college could find this useful.

One most welcome feature is that Salamander give full clear instructions for the transferring of the programs to disc. With so many competitors trying to make transfer to disc well-nigh impossible, I must say I prefer this sensible approach.

Phil Tayler

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