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Bumping Buggies
By Bubble Bus
Commodore 64

Published in Personal Computer Games #6

Bumping Buggies

This is such an addictive game that I had trouble getting to play it in the office.

The idea is fiendishly simple: 'drive your car as far as possible through the seasons of the year, scoring points as you travel'.

Your progress, though, is impeded by the outrageous behaviour of the other motorists. They lack any trace of road sense, barging into you and trying to force you into the embankments which border the road.

Bumping Buggies

Another little problem is that the road is broken up by patches of water, some short and wide, others long and narrow. However, there's no need to despair: your car has magic properties. When you reach 100 mph you can, by pressing the fire-button, jump into the air and leapfrog the other cars. Or, if you want to get bonus points, you can land on them and squash them.

It's also possible to bump other cars into the side of the road, but this is rather more difficult, requiring precise judgement of the time and place to do your barging.

Bumping Buggies has 20 different tracks in ascending order of difficulty. On the first the player will not take too long to progress through the seasons, each of which has a different coloured screen. The water-jumps are also easily negotiable.

However, on the higher levels the tracks become excruciatingly tricky. There are now dozens of road-hogs, rocks litter your path and there seems to be more water than road.

The game starts with a very pleasant tune and the motor noises are reasonably good. The graphics are nothing to write home about, but this seems almost an irrelevant criticism in a game whose enjoyment comes from its compulsiveness and excitement.


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