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The Ring Of Darkness
By Wintersoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #107

A conversion from the Spectrum, yet again, of a role-playing adventure/graphic/arcade game. Some combination, huh? During loading a fine screen is displayed, then you are called to define your character. Having named the noble Nurdwarbler, I chose to make him an elf with rather more intelligence than strength and agility. He could have been a warrior or a thief, but with different results.

Loading then continues, and when over, a small non-animated stick-man is shown on a map-com-maze, which is littered with forests, lakes, sea, hidden attacking bandits and the occasional castle. Enter one and the screen changes to show a plan of the interior on which your character is shown. As with the rest of the game, you can steer him via the cursor keys to the counters of the various shops where you may buy your weapons, food, transport etc.

Beware the jester, however!

He nicks your goodies. In each castle is a king who, if you ask, will set a task - probably recovering an object - as you journey the land.

Though graphically rather crude - some animation would have been nice - the landscape scrolls very smoothly beneath your man. Also beneath him is a vast underground maze, which, should you enter it, is drawn in very fine 3-D perspective. Goodness knows how you get out though! I tried for ages.


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