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Home Computing Weekly

Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #116

I have to be honest and confess that board games have never been of great interest to me. None the less, it's clear that a home computer must be a boon to those interested in getting some practice in without the shame of losing to another human being, hence the value of software like this.

Some years ago, I used to think that draughts was a simple, gentle game, until I saw enthusiasts playing with what can only be called killer instinct! So be warned before loading, this tape plays a mean game. Try as I may, I couldn't win against it even on the beginners' level. Moves are made on the co-ordinate principle, like computer chess, and a record of moves kept on screen. All the legitimate moves are possible, and the illegal ones blocked.

The screen is well laid out, though there is no attempt to give the impression of 3-D. Machine code appears to have been employed to move the pieces, because if you take your eyes off the screen for a microsecond, the whole thing has happened without your seeing it, and that means poring your way through the co-ordinates to work it out. A rather slower routine would have helped. Similarly, although the colours of the pieces and board can be reset, the background remains a rather glaring white. After a while this is a real strain on the eyes, particularly as close study is required. If draughts is what you like, see this.


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