Your Sinclair

The Great Escape
By The Hit Squad
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #50

The Great Escape

As indeed is this, one of the most thoroughly ripping (if not top-hole) games to emerge from Manchester in a long while. The Clinic is still inundated with letters about it - no doubt there'll be yet more now.

It's a 3D isometric game which, like Movie and the later When Time Stood Still, attempts to evoke a specific and recognisable scenario rather than just dumping us in computer graphics land. Here it's a German prisoner of war camp, and you have to amass various important bits and bobs (keys, rope etc) and get the %$?& out of there, before Johnny Hun catches you and forces you to eat bratwurst.

Not easy, but enormously challenging and, unlike so many games, solvable. Smug gamesters who can complete everything in two seconds will now say, "But once you've solved it, what's the point of playing again?" Just try solving it first, smuggies. Graphics are superb - better than Fairlight, and of the same order as When Time Stood

Still - while, if not terribly fast, the game certainly keeps your attention. (Back issue fans, there's a very useful map in issue 14...)

Marcus Berkmann

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