Your Sinclair


Author: Marcus Berkmann
Publisher: Codemasters
Machine: Spectrum 48K/128K/+2/+3

Published in Your Sinclair #40


What, another Code Masters game? What are they up to in Leamington Spa? This one, not surprisingly, is described on the back as 'BRILLIANT FUN' but in reality it's more of a near miss. Bigfoot (who's this huge hairy thing, a bit like Mike Gerrard) is trying to rescue his girlfriend, which involves running around the millions of screens picking things u p... yes, it's an arcade adventure! (Like the 210 bus, they obviously come in six-packs.) The tottie has been locked up in a cage by a sadistic madman, and Bigfoot has to blow the lock on the cage by connecting high voltage wire to it, But there are two breaks in the cable..

Sounds like fun, and indeed the design of the game is sound enough. But the execution, I fear, has gone away somewhere along the line, and the result is substantially less gripping than it might have been. The graphics are detailed but a little tatty, and the whole thing looks very pre-Monty Mole. As for arcade action, this is mostly a case of damage limitation, as the various hazards are very hard to avoid and you have only a very limited amount of energy. In truth I'm quibbling - Bigfoot's not bad, but it's not a patch on Treasure Island Dizzy, for instance, or indeed Antiriad. All in all, not quite.

Marcus Berkmann

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