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The Games: Summer Edition
By Kixx
Spectrum 48K/128K/+2

Published in Your Sinclair #69

The Games: Summer Edition

This sports sim is way above average, with eight events that are well worth multiloading. Alongside the usual joystick-busters like Hurdling, Velodrome Cycling Hammer Throwing and Pole Vaulting, there are some nifty variations in gameplay. Archery is a bit like those barg darts game (only more dangerous to passers-by), while Diving, the Rings, and the Uneven Parallel Bars have you putting manoeuvres into medal-winning combinations. The graphics vary from the not so hot intro screens and backgrounds to the sizzling animation. The diver and the girl on the bars are particularly realistic, and the muscle-straining antics of the guy on the rings is almost too painful to watch! The variety of 'camera angles' is another plus. With up to eight competitors you could hold your own tournament, but even taking on the Speccy alone, it's good fun. Don't be put off by the wad of instructions - everything's easy to pick up and very playable. I doubt you'll still be playing come the autumn, but in the short term at least, the games of The Games are spanky, um, games.

Jon Pillar

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