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By Alligata
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 2.10

You Tarzan - go find Jane!

It may be several years since I read the book but I can't for the life of me remember any encounters between our loin clothed hero and the gnashing teeth, let alone the mutant eyes of Tarzan (Alligata Software).

In this revamped version of the classic story, Tarzan the apeman must battle his way through four successive screens of fearsome action to eventually rescue his true love Jane.

Should you wish to take a sneak preview of the terrors in store then do nothing and the program will enter its Demo mode, displaying each of the four screens for a few seconds.

All characters are drawn on a small scale enabling the pro grammer to create some quite complex screen displays for Tarzan to negotiate.

You must guide Tarzan from his initial position to a small arrow on a post. Points are awarded when you reach this position and you begin the next screen.

Unfortunately the odd method of displaying the score is the program's only failing. When a game is over the program returns to the title screen, but your score does not form part of this display.

You must wait until the program enters its Demo mode. As far as a high score table is concerned try using a pencil and paper.

The four screens consist of a series of ravines to be jumped, baddies to be avoided, streams to be crossed on logs, and lifts(?).

Fortunately this Tarzan chap pie is remarkably tough and when falling from great heights, normally due to mistimed leaps, suffers very little damage unless he falls on a baddie.

One of the more cute characters of the scenario is a gorilla which sits at the top of the screen casually lobbing dirty great coconuts at our hero.

Despite the scoring system there is no doubt that I will be donning the old loin cloth again and plunging into the depths of the jungle till I eventually reach Jane.

Jon Revis

Jon Revis

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