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10 Computer Hits 3
By Beau Jolly
BBC Model B

Published in The Micro User 4.11

Not many misses

10 Computer Hits 3 is a compilation of 10 previously released games for the BBC Micro. They are supplied on two cassettes and represent quite a bargain at £1 per program.

In Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge you compete against the might of Mr. Jacks in a series of eight events.

Caesar the Cat uses some clever Mode 7 graphics but that's about all. Caesar chases mice around the larder in this tedious excuse for a game.

In Wallaby a troop of evil monkeys have kidnapped your baby. You make your way to the top of the ladders and levels style screen to rescue him.

Felix meets the Evil Weevils is one of my favourite Micro Power games. Felix must eradicate the factory's weevil population, while negotiating the conveyors and avoiding the ball bearings - great fun!

Mineshaft is a curious choice for this compilation as it is a second rate Manic Miner clone. The genuine article can be found on the second cassette.

Danger UXB is yet another of my favourite oldies. Run around a colourful grid defusing bombs before the time limit expires.

Moon Raider is a version of that arcade classic Scramble. Fly your space ship deep into the enemy cavern, bombing bases and fuel dumps.

Manic Miner was the classic ladders and levels game for the Sinclair Spectrum. Work your way through twenty tortuous screens collecting keys as you go. It's as enjoyable and challenging as ever.

Snooker is a fairly standard version of the game with options for one or two players.

Finally we have Battletank, a reasonable version of the arcade game Battlezone.

Drive your tank through a 3D landscape blasting enemy tanks before they blast you.

10 Computer Hits 3 contains the odd game of dubious quality but overall it is still excellent value for money.

Jon Revis

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